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Every day, we need to load fresh data from our Data Lake into our Data Warehouse. Different data sets exist within the Data Lake. To guarantee fresh and correct Dashboards, we need a mechanism to load, transform and quality check the data. In this blog post, we are tackling the load and transform section of the work. Quality checks are accomplished by both Tests and Metrics and will be the content of another post.

Here’s a quick overview of our current setup:

  • Snowflake is used as our Cloud Data Warehouse
  • dbt to model our transformations…

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My first Semester as a CS Undergrad at TUM is almost over and it’s time for a quick recap.

I started studying at Technical University Munich a few months ago after working as a Software Engineer for some time (I still do). Why? You may ask — Well that’s a story for another time.


This article is not specific to Computer Science, but told from a CS student’s perspective. Other (especially non-MINT) majors might differ quite a lot.

Also, I am quite aware, that for a Tech career actually building stuff might make a lot more sense instead of spending…

I have adopted Telegram as the casual messaging service of my choice around five years ago and deprecated my Whatsapp account. Ever since I have been fascinated about all the nitty gritty funny details the engineers have come up release for release.

Bull’s eye!

One of the recent additions being Emojis animated on the client-side based on a random number. This started with the dice emoji landing on one of its six sides based on a random number (from 1 to 6). The meaning of the random numbers is obvious for the dice emoji. …

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If you are, like me, a curios never ending learner and believe that software engineering is not just knowing all the frameworks but more about really understanding the bare-bone basics, then the following books will help you step up your game.

Not relying one short therm hyped technologies, but understanding the fundamental principles behind is a more sustainable commitment and will greatly benefit you.

Without further ado: Here is my top 5 list of books to master Backend Engineering by understanding the underlying principles:


  1. Distributed Systems — Principles and Paradigms
  2. Seven Concurrency Models in Seven Weeks
  3. I ❤ Logs
  4. Designing…

As a kid I have been obsessed with reading. I read a lot and a variety of different books. Then, as I started to stumble into computer games and other forms of digital content consumption, such as Video Streaming and Social Media, my book throughput went from a few books a month to one at most.

TL;DR — the lack of books worth reading is not the problem. It is rather our approach to reading. Visualisation and prioritisation are key to read more. Kanban is just one framework to achieve exactly this.

Problem with reading

Although I quit gaming a few years ago…

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I started as an intern in willhaben’s Data Tech Team in June 2019. Twelve weeks later, Autumn is approaching and, as my Internship comes to a close, our CTO asked me if I wanted to share my experiences on willhaben’s Tech Blog. I’m pretty sure he must have guessed how much of a Medium fan I am.

In this post, I will outline why I decided to work during my summer holidays and how I joined willhaben. You will also get a quick overview of what I’ve learned and accomplished during this time.

Why would one want to work during the summer holidays?

No, I am not a workaholic, and…

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